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Man happily talking with his hearing specialist about restoring his hearing.

Have you seen the videos on YouTube? A 7-month old baby hears his mother’s voice for the first time after being having hearing aids fitted. His smile is enough to bring you tears of joy.

You can find numerous videos similar to this online. You feel like you’re part of that wonderful event that the child is having with their doctors and parents.

The baby doesn’t always like the idea of getting hearing aids put in at first. When the doctor attempts to fit the hearing aids in the baby’s ears, they initially resist. They may cry before they smile with joy. They are overwhelmed by a range of emotions. They don’t know what to expect. But then, with renewed hearing, the world opens up for them.

This joy that they’re feeling can be a reality for anybody.

Does the idea of using hearing aids make you apprehensive? You’re not by yourself. You don’t need to be a child to be a little wary of this new experience.

Individuals of any age can have the joy and happiness that hearing aids bring.

The Sound of Music

You might not even recognize the problem. It was a very slow development. You stopped listening to music. It seems like it used to be a lot more satisfying. In some cases, it was even grating. Turning the volume up made it even worse.

Hearing impairment doesn’t just impact the volume you can hear. Some wavelengths of sound are lost while others are not impacted.

Music is, as every musician recognizes, a wonderful blend of sound frequencies that blend together to produce the sound that we hear as…., well, music. It’s just not the same if you can’t hear the sublime complexity of the music.

But wait, now you put in your new hearing aids. Suddenly you can hear those once silent tones. Music once again comes alive. You had lost that joy in your life, but now you have it again.

The Laughter of a Child

Do you recall what a child’s laughter sounds like? Perhaps your hearing loss has caused you to forget this wonderful experience.

Rediscover these wonderful moments with your grandchildren by recovering your hearing.

Where Did All The Birds go?

Have you forgotten that dozens of birds live in your backyard? There are hundreds if you go to the park. While some of their chirps are more pleasing than others, it’s something you may not acknowledge until they’ve gone.

But the birds are still there. You just don’t hear these beautiful melodies that so enhance your life.

When you use your hearing aids, you again delight in the merriment of our feathered friends.

Relationships Restored

Neglected hearing impairment can put significant stress on relationships. People get frustrated. They misunderstand. They tend to argue more. Sometimes, in order to not feel like a burden, people with hearing loss will go into seclusion.

They may steer clear of social clubs or going out to dinner because they feel all alone and disconnected while others have a conversation.

Are hobbies you once loved less fun now so you’ve given them up?

Your relationship with friends and family will be revitalized by the simple act of using hearing aids.

Learn to talk to each other again. Talk for hours. Return to spending time with the ones you love and engaging in activities you enjoy.

It’s time to think about hearing aids particularly if you miss these things.

Assurance That You’re Safe in Your House

Does what you can’t hear make you feel nervous? If a loved one was hurt and calling for help in a different, would you be able to hear them? A doorbell, oven timer, or smoke alarm…could you hear them? Would you miss an important phone call because you didn’t hear it ring?

When you stroll through the neighborhood, are you confident that you will hear oncoming traffic, pedestrian signals, or a bicycle bell?

These “what ifs” can make us feel insecure in places where we should be completely comfortable.

But you can feel more relaxed and enjoy life more when you use your hearing aids. You’ll experience peace of mind.

You May Not Realize What You’re Missing

Hearing loss advances gradually in most instances. It’s possible that you don’t even recall how much you enjoyed things before your hearing began to decline.

When you suddenly hear them again, you’ll be amazed. You’ll wish you addressed it sooner. Think your hearing loss isn’t that bad? Get it checked out. Schedule a hearing test and discover what you’ve been missing.

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