When to Repair Your Hearing Aids

Are you having issues with your hearing aids?

If you’re experiencing feedback, interference, a less-tight fit, or if there are visible signs of damage or malfunction, your hearing aids need professional attention.

If you suspect your hearing aids need repair or cleaning beyond what you do at home, call us. We’ll test your hearing while you’re wearing the aids to make sure that you have the best hearing we can give you. Periodically adjusting your hearing aids, regular cleanings and ongoing counseling are vital to your continued satisfaction with your investment in better hearing.

Repair Service

When your hearing aid doesn’t work, we understand you need it fixed with as little delay as possible. That’s why we make simple repairs in our office. More severely damaged hearing aids can be sent out to the manufacturers for repair. We take care of most major brands and send the instruments by an express delivery service to ensure that they get back as quickly as possible.

A Loaner During Repair

While your hearing aid is being repaired, our loaner service can provide you with a temporary hearing aid. We have a wide range of powerful behind-the-ear devices. These instruments won’t fit or sound exactly like your own aids. But in a pinch, it’s good to have something that will get you through the days until your aid comes back.

We’re here to help you hear better and enjoy life more! Call us today.

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